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Our Mission

The mission of TeAda Productions is to expand the awareness of issues affecting underserved communities through the development and presentation of performances by people of color. TeAda’s cross-disciplinary performances incorporate theater, performance art, and dance. TeAda embraces a fearless commitment to provide artists a space to explore cultural and political issues most relevant to their communities. TeAda serves as a bridge between the health, education, and social justice issues of these underserved communities.

About TeAda Productions

Under the direction of artist Leilani Chan, TeAda Productions exists to enrich the repertoire of contemporary works created and performed by people of color. Begun in 1994, TeAda Productions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to empower underserved communities through the development and presentation of interdisciplinary theatrical performance pieces by, for and about people of color. By developing ground-breaking, high caliber, cross-disciplinary performances that incorporate cultural forms such as dance and music with experimental theatrical and performance art practices, TeAda Productions expands awareness, builds communities and educates the general public about the issues facing underserved communities. TeAda Productions achieves this mission by producing and touring innovative performances, both locally and nationally, in traditional and non-traditional venues and through residencies offering community-based workshops and new work development labs.

TeAda Productions is an intercultural, multicultural, intergenerational, interracial, interethnic, multi-disciplinary organization. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our staff and resident artists, our Board of Directors and Artist Advisory Board, our audiences, supporters and partners. All artistic presentations deal with cultural and political issues most urgent to their communities. Issues that have been explored include: cultural genocide (i.e.: the acculturation of native dance), struggles with assimilation in both immigrant and non-immigrant communities of color, multi-racial identity, the psychological effects of domestic violence against women of color, language barriers, sexual orientation/homophobia and much more. TeAda Productions has presented works and conducted residencies at diverse venues such as the J. Paul Getty Cultural Center, Grand Performances, Japan America Theater at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Highways Performance Space and for community and student organizations throughout California and across the country. TeAda Productions is pleased to have the generous support of the California Arts Council, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Los Angeles County Arts Commission and numerous individuals.


Leilani Chan, Artistic Director
Ova Saopeng, Associate Producer
Brett Naftzger, Grant Writer
Gabriela Lopez-de Dennis, Graphic Designer
Pamela Goodchild, Bookkeeper
Bangbay Siboliban, Webmaster

Board of Directors

Marie-Reine Velez, Board President
Dennis Carter, Treasurer
Debra Winski, Secretary
Leilani Chan


TeAda Productions is supported by the California Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation, the Santa Monica Arts Commission, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.